• Best Destination Norway Wedding Photography
  • Best Destination Norway Wedding Photography
  • Destination Norway Wedding Photography
  • Best Destination Norway Wedding Photography
  • Award Winning Norway Wedding Photography by Paul Edmundson
  • Destination Norway Wedding Photography
  • Bryllupsfotografering
  • Italian Handcrafted Wedding Albums by Paul Edmundson


Thank you for all the amazing work you have done as our wedding photographer! We love all the photos, and we also appreciate how dedicated you have been throughout the whole process. Your service is just excellent. Now we look forward to enjoy the album for years to come.’ Mari

Thank you so much Paul for such an amazing and epic experience… I will remember it forever the beautiful mountains, woods, fjords, the goats.. And all the beautiful people I have met along the way. Jenova and I are very blessed for everything. Thank you again for creating this special memory for us!!!‘ Amy

‘Our pictures are from some fairytale, and every time we see them we return to the moment with tears of joy. The album is something special like a great treasure from the best quality we have ever seen.’ Fanny

I am so grateful for the beautiful pictures you have taken🙏🏼 You are really talented.‘ Gerda Beathe

‘Paul is not just an excellent and passionate photographer but also a genuinely nice guy with a personality that made a great addition.’ Camilla

Awesome album, which is perfect as the memory of a wonderful day.’ Ingeborg

Thank you so much Paul for your exceptional work and support on our wedding. Made us feel like we had a friend behind the camera. Highly recommended!’ Jacob



Your masterpiece wedding album will be filled with memories and timeless fine art photography, that you can enjoy for the years to come and pass down through the generations. Your wedding day is not just another ordinary day. It is a moment in your life where you look and feel your best, surrounded with your loved ones, and is likely going to be one of the best days of your life. Hello, I am Paul Edmundson and I am an international award winning wedding photographer in Norway. I understand your wedding album is the most important item you will ever own so I want you to have the best in the world. Coverage is from morning preparations to first dance so that the wedding album tells the full story of the day. Collections start at 22 150 NOK and include all sales taxes and Norway travel costs.


Each couple that I have the honour of working with, receives a unique Italian handcrafted personalised wedding album to keep and cherish forever.

Sogn og Fjordane Bryllupsfotografering Paul Edmundson med studio i Aurland, Norge


I truly believe that your love story is beautiful and I feel that it is my responsibility to do your wedding photography, because you get only one chance at wedding photos and you deserve to have it done right. You should take no chances. One of my special talents is creating images full of emotions that resonate with the viewer allowing them to feel connected with the image. This is why my work brings so many people to tears, and if this happens I know I have done my job perfectly. Creating this kind of reaction takes skill and experience and I will tell your wedding story beautifully and effortlessly.

Every bride that I have the honour of working with receives a masterpiece Italian handmade personalised wedding album. I am very passionate about my craft and I invest myself 100% into telling your story.

And we will have a lot of fun whilst making your album. It is your wedding day and you should enjoy every moment of it. I aim to make my clients laugh and feel relaxed and I will be there as a friend to guide you through your wedding day. A lot of the feedback that I have received mentions how relaxed I made clients feel and how easy it was to make great pictures. This is so important in portraiture because every small detail in the image needs to look correct. Being relaxed and having fun just makes the whole process of taking wedding photos a great experience. Most importantly, we are going to create a spectacular wedding album together that you are going to love for decades.

I dedicate myself to creating these albums with care and limit myself to just a handful of couples each year. I choose couples who value their story and who truly care about their wedding photos. Availability is limited so I recommend that you enquire as soon as possible. I know you probably have a lot of questions right now, so feel free to email me and I will give you as much information as early on as possible. Once we have booked you in, then you can move on to the next thing on your to-do list and relax knowing that your wedding photography will be perfect.

My studio is located in Aurland, Sogn, Norway, right in the heart of the fjords. This is a spectacular area of natural beauty which I use as much as possible in my work. You are welcome to stop by the studio to chat and look over the sample albums.

I have been a photographer for 16 years and have photographed over 30000 people in that time. I have learnt that professionalism is the prerequisite for success and my customer service is second to none. My dedication to my clients and personal service is, I believe, the reason behind my success. I want you to have everything you need and I really do go out of my way for my couples, because I care.

My style is ‘fine art’ wedding photography. Whereas ‘documentary’ photographers only take snap shots of what is around them, I take it much further by correctly lighting my subjects and bringing the best out of them through gentle posing techniques. I have spent years training with the world’s elite wedding photographers, honing my craft and perfecting my art of photography. My creative use of lighting adds depth and artistry to my images, and my never ending study of the human body teaches me how to bring out the most beauty in my subjects. I aim to make award winning artwork on your wedding day that you will enjoy for generations. I don’t go for any of the ‘now’ styles because they will likely not be popular in a years time. I use tried and tested real photographic techniques that are the core of photography. Did you know that a simple raise of the chin makes the bride look elegant, and a simple chest forward makes the groom look strong and confident? Many brides ask me, ‘what if it rains?’ and I simply say, ‘don’t worry, I will beautifully tell the story of what happens on the day, and I am trained to deal with ALL situations’. It is by having taken the time to properly learn the craft of photography that I am able to create beautiful images no matter what the situation and my brides love the results. I call this fine art.

I know that some couples want to get only digital images and print their own consumer photo book, but because I care so much about your experience and the quality of the final product that you receive, I include my album for free in every collection. Of course I offer web enhanced digital files for sharing and full resolution print ready files as well. Basically you get what you NEED. Coverage is usually from morning preparations to first dance so that the wedding album tells the full story of the day. Prices start at 22 150 NOK and include all sales taxes and Norway travel costs. I do appreciate a good dinner during the reception as well though :)


Paul Edmundson Bryllupsfotograf


When it comes to capturing your timeless moments, I pay attention to every last detail, and give you back those once in a lifetime memories as artworks. My goal is to make you feel relaxed as early as possible, so that you can enjoy your wedding day like you deserve.

I tell your story with magazine worthy, fresh and dynamic images, capturing the emotions, moments and beauty of your special day. My commitment is to create unique artwork and beautifully and intimately tell your story with an heirloom memory book that can be cherished, preserved and passed on.


There’s a great joy that comes from going to the ends of the world in search of the perfect shot and I approach my pursuit of artistic perfection with everything I have. It gives me great pleasure to create timeless artworks for people to enjoy, share and pass down.

It’s safe to say that I am a big romantic and when I met my wife Erica I knew within three months that I would marry her. After only a year, we had our own intimate fjord wedding, and now celebrated 10 years. What a crazy and wonderful journey marriage has been so far!

Born British, I fell in love with the Norwegian landscape and set up my studio beside the fjord where I’m able to live and work in it’s natural beauty. The light and colours throughout each season is a strong inspiration to my work and never ceases to amaze.

I consider myself philosophical and I believe in living life to the fullest and trying to inspire others to do the same. I think generosity is one of the kindest things we can offer and I feel immense joy when helping others fulfil their potential.

Constantly learning, teaching myself new skills and diving deep into creative projects is time spent I value. I believe that being active is not only important but also a pre-requisite for being a photographer. I live by the motto ‘work hard, play harder’ and I’m a fierce competitor. In my spare time I play squash and floorball for physical invigoration and when I need a mental challenge I’ll play poker.

I think it’s important to explore ourselves and I find that traveling is a wonderful way to do that. My wife and I love seeing the world together and I’m happiest when I’m able to combine work and play.

I don’t want to wake up one day and regret not having explored my talent, or having brought to life all the works of art that I could have. There is so much to do and explore in life that we should just go out and do it.



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