Paul Edmundson

About Paul Edmundson

Paul Edmundson has spent 17 years capturing the planet's beauty and pushing the boundaries of nature photography. The British artist offers fine art luxury limited edition nature photography prints. His passion to capture and share Mother Nature has seen Paul become one of Norway’s most awarded nature photographers with over 20 international accolades. Having lived in Norway since 2003 and with more that 100 000 prints sold and over 50 sales locations, Paul stands at the summit of Norwegian nature photography. His work has been published around the world by top companies and publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, The Times, The Guardian and many more. From his gallery in the heart of the Norwegian fjords, his exclusive collection of photography is created in the highest imaginable quality, so collectors can enjoy the power of nature on an epic scale. Paul Edmundson is known for his use of natural light and long exposure, meticulously capturing nature’s vibrancy. A self-taught photographer, he shoots expansive panoramic images and intimate squares for collectors worldwide.